Audio Nebula is one guy, me - Ryan J. Wrubleski, from Regina, SK, Canada.

I have about 15 years of experience as a computer programmer and about 7 years as an audio guy and am very much a Jack-of-many-trades in these fields, and my passion lies at the intersection of these: I'm crazy about everything about the amazing world and state of digital audio and music technology. I love synthesizers too.

About 8 years ago I started developing some MIDI patch editor and hardware controller software and I completely fell in love with audio / MIDI / musical instrument software development. I created the only full patch editors that have ever been developed for the Boss VF-1 multi-effects unit and Alesis Wedge reverb/effects unit, and a patch editor for the Roland Alpha Juno synthesizer.

Approximately 7 years ago I started creating an FM synthesizer, more as a hobby and a learning experience than as an expectation of ever having a finished product to show for it... but with the end of an employment stint about 10 months ago, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to work full-time on my synthesizer and pursue my dream of finishing it and releasing it as a commercial product and seeing where that would take me.

Aurora FM is now ready and I'm excited to be making it available. I hope you try it out and have as much fun playing with it as I do!

I welcome any and all correspondence. Let me know if you have any questions or issues with Aurora FM or just want to talk about any aspect of synthesizers or VST's or audio or whatever.